Programming Fundamentals Course

You will be trained on the basics of programming fundammentals - including markup languages used to create websites and scripting languages.

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Scratch is a visual block-based programming tool. It'll be the perfect starting point for dipping your feet into the world of programming.


HTML is the structure upon which every webpage in the world is built. In this section, you'll be building your very own website from the ground up.


CSS is what makes the internet beautiful. All the colors and unique styling that make this page look pretty - that's CSS.


Ruby is one of the most widely used scripting languages in the world. You'll build complex algorithms to solve real world problems.

Immersive Web Development Bootcamp

You'll take your fundamental skills to the next level, building fullstack web applications with Rails and React, leveraging modern cloud architecture like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Javascript is a powerful client-side scripting language that enhances and drives the interactivity on the web. You'll bring your websites to life with fun animations and user interactions.


SQL is how we communicate with databases to write, extract and analyse data. You'll use this to find your way through huge datasets and derive insights that would not be otherwise possible.


React is one of the most popular tools for building impressive user interfaces. This is where your HTML, CSS and Javascript will come together to build something extraordinary.

Ruby on Rails 6

Rails is a web application framework for rapidly building fullstack applications. You'll set up and deploy your own backend applications!

AGILE Methodology

By this point, you'll know how to build software. AGILE is about more than that - it's about building a team, a product, and ultimately, a business that matters.

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    No coding experience required.

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    Full guidance by our experienced instructors.

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    Free for all marginalised communities, including people on the move.

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    You will need tenacity, humility and willingness to learn.